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Access Control Systems

Amoswell Access Control & Time Management Systems

Amoswell offers access control systems that provide authentication, authorization and access with a time stamp on all activities noted within the system.

Biometric access control and time management systems are security devices that control entry to a premise. Amoswell networking services make it possible to secure your home and commercial security. The biometric door lock system utilizes finger print reader technology to lock and unlock your door. You can always set, re-set or remove the fingerprint access information on the device. As a leading provider of the Biometric systems in Kenya, our systems are able to log over one thousand users and keep all logs in the system database.

Access Control is a type of security system that identifies people based on their physical characteristics before allowing them access to secure facilities. This computerized system means that:

  • No keys ever required!
  • Change of members of staff! Just a quick deletion of the individual user on the management system
  • No hassle of locks to be changed or fobs/cards readers to be returned
  • Unique identification access
  • A more secure access!

Amoswell Access Control Systems provide simple and cost effective Biometrics Access Control solutions to the needs of homes, businesses and public organizations. Our experience in the Biometrics systems means from survey to installation you will receive the best advice and final setup of your system. We work with some of the leading manufacturers so were able to give the best advice to our customers and ensure every requirement is met. Even if you already have Biometrics Access Control